Community School

A 300m2 extension of a school building

Client: NPS Consultants

Location: Braunton

Project: School extension

The Project

This was a 300m2 extension of a community primary school to provide three additional classrooms and a new toilet block.

The Challenge

As the school is located on a flood plain, the materials used to build the extension needed to be able to withstand potential exposure to water. The Durisol system does not rot or decay and does not support fungal or bacterial growth, making it an ideal solution.

The Outcome

The new building’s external and internal walls were built entirely of Durisol walling units. These were selected to complement the project’s sustainable specification by cutting the lifetime carbon footprint of the single storey extension.

The Durisol D365 unit was used with mineral wool insulation for the external load-bearing walls. This unit allows a wall U value of 0.19/m2k and has a sound reduction capability of 57dB. The D170 units were used for the internal walls and have an acoustic rating of 55dB without additional insulation.

The new building has no echo even though it is a lofty, open area. This is particularly beneficial for the younger children’s classrooms as it adds to the comfort of the space and allows for calm and quiet as well as discussion and play.

Client Comment

The product’s green credentials are very impressive and the wall unit’s innovative tongue and grooved locating profile assists alignment and enables quick and easy wall forming on site – saving both build time and costs.