Cottage extension

An extension to a 19th century cottage

Client: New English Living

Location: Worcester

Project: Cottage extension

The Project

This was a 51m2 extension to a 19th century cottage in Worcester.

The customer required an efficient and quick build.

The Challenge

The client was looking for a innovative and energy efficient product. Access to the site was problematic as the extension was being built to the rear of the existing old cottage.

Durisol was the ideal solution for the project as it met the innovative and energy efficiency requirements and could be easily transported to the site.

The Outcome

D365 blocks were used for the walls of the extension with 90m2 of D250 blocks for the retaining walls.

The build was completed quickly and without any hitches. The external walls of the completed extension were finished in cedar cladding.

Client Comment

First and foremost, the creativity of the shape formation possible with the Durisol system means that we can build far more stunning designs than with traditional methods.

Experience shows us that it is an easy product to work with, and the speed of installation is impressive – clients can see their design grow before their very eyes.

Durisol is so flexible and not weather dependent, which has transformed how we approach construction. The team have been great to work with, and their customer service is second to none.