Football Club Basement Build

A new basement changing room block

Client: WWM Civils

Location: Dover AFC Football Stadium

Project: Basement build

The Project

Dover Athletic Football Club commissioned the build of a new 500-seater family stand at their ground in Crabble.  This was to provide an additional 140 seats, improved facilities and a new changing room block underneath the stand.

Durisol D300 blocks were chosen as the key building system for the basement element of the project.

The Challenge

Due to the intended use of the building the semi-underground structure needed to be fire safe and meet The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 for multiple occupation buildings. It also needed to meet the BS 8102:2009 Code of practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground.

Durisol blocks meet both these requirements.

The Outcome

The Durisol blocks were finished in a grey STO render to compliment the seating stadium above.

The Durisol element of the build was completed within just 17 days.

Structurally the D300 blocks meet and comply with current UK structural calculations to withstand and support 501 members of the public plus the stadium structure.

The thermal target has been achieved with the D300 block, which is approximately 70mm less than a conventional build.