House refurbishment & extension

A high specification property development

Client: Beau Property

Location: Tunbridge Wells

Project: House refurbishment and extension

The Project

Refurbishment of a semi-detached house for sale on the open market.

The Challenge

Upon purchase by Beau Property, the property was in an extremely poor condition and required a full refurbishment.

The client wanted to refurbish and extend the property ready for sale. Given its poor state, a decision was made to retain just three-quarters of the front elevation wall and half of the back elevation wall. The rest was to be built from scratch.

The builder chose Durisol for the rebuild and extension due to its speed of construction, dry stacking and good u values.

The Outcome

The completed property is now a high-specification five-bedroom home.

The house was completely refurbished and doubled in size with a loft conversion and side and rear extension. The property was re-plumbed, rewired, plastered, and painted, with a new roof, new joinery, a new kitchen, new bathrooms, and new flooring.

Durisol was used for both the external and internal walls.

The benefits of using Durisol were many. Fewer materials were required to create the structure than if traditional materials had been used, it was fast to construct, and it was easy to use, particularly concerning cutting to size.

Using Durisol for the internal walls creates good thermal mass, and the property has been given a high C Energy Efficiency Rating (77).

Client Comment

This was our first experience of building with Durisol, which we used as a test case for some of the larger projects we are looking to develop.

All in all, it worked exceptionally well, and we now plan to use it on our future projects.




Durisol ICF refurbishment house

Photo Credit: Mikey Reed